Artistry at the Piano
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Jon George

In Memoriam
Jon George

Please join us in acknowledging the remarkable gifts and dedication of Jon George, who composed the over 200 artistic “miniature masterworks” that enliven and enrich this course of study. They provide an imaginative array of styles and resources that stands out in the history of piano pedagogy.

Mary Gae George

Mary Gae George, internationally recognized author, educator, and pianist, graduated from the Yale School of Music where her teachers included Paul Hindemith, the noted composer, conductor, and educator of the 20th Century. Hindemith’s profound influence on her life in music fostered her teaching principle of The Power of Positive Pedagogy.

Ms. George has been acclaimed for her inspiring work with young people and with teachers throughout America, Europe, and Asia. The results of her publications have proven that all students can achieve artistic accomplishment when given fine materials and instruction. Ms. George’s life’s work has been dedicated to this goal.

Artistry at the Piano is the culminating work of Mary Gae George and her late husband, the distinguished composer Jon George. Their broad experience as performers, teachers, authors, and composers resulted in this innovative course of study that takes beginning students of all ages to the threshold of the advanced piano literature. With Artistry at the Piano the Georges solved the issues that previously frustrated the efforts of teachers and students while giving them what has been described as the most beautiful music ever composed for elementary pianists.

In her international workshops and seminars, Ms. George explores ways to motivate students of all ages. Emphasis is placed on careful choice and implementation of materials, and on giving lessons that do not require any corrections. This frees the teacher and student to experience the adventure of making music at the piano.

Along with the filming of her annual pedagogy DVDs, Mary Gae George maintains an ongoing teaching studio and piano laboratory for students of all ages where the integrity of her pedagogical ideas and materials is challenged and proven effective before being released to the public. She is founder and director of the Artistry Alliance, a national network of teachers and students. As president of Artistry Press International, she develops publications that bring the arts to children and professionals alike. Her articles appear in national music journals as do her reviews of new music, books, and computer-assisted music education software. Since 1992 Mary Gae George has also served as co-director, with James M. Drew, of the Greywolf Performing Arts Institute. Since Mr. Drew’s passing in 2011, she has become the Director of the James Mulcro Drew Memorial Library. In all these ways, she helps lead the way toward ever more efficient and artistically inspiring use of time and resources in music studios worldwide.