Author Topic: Great Technic Series You're Not Using  (Read 1814 times)

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Great Technic Series You're Not Using
« on: June 04, 2013, 02:37:21 PM »
One of the shortcomings of most technic programs is the overuse of the key of C. Another is the lack of musicality of the exercises.
Schaum Publications developed Masters of Technic, levels P - 4, to address these issues. The books are based on excerpts from etudes by the great etude writers (Czerny, Cramer, Bertini, etc.). The etudes are arranged to keep the difficulty uniform, and they are typically transposed to give experience in more keys. The maximum number of sharps or flats in the key signature are 1 for primer, 2 for level 1, 3 for level 2, etc.
For levels P and 1, the etudes get the student out of fixed positions, and they give the student experience with positions outside of the usual middle C, C major, and G major ones. These are exercises, but they are not as dry as Dozen a Day or FingerPower. My students who are using these really like them. So do I.

— Kevin M. Coan