Artistry at the Piano
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Free MP3 Downloads

The Performance MP3s are especially important to students of today for they hear ever less classical music, including music for solo piano and piano four-hands. These recordings provide students with insight into the expressive capacity of the modern piano as well as a way to confirm the accuracy of their preparations of each piece. Listening to the MP3s is thus an essential part of their practice plan and a basis for Positive Pedagogy giving and preparing lessons that do not require any corrections.

Starting with the Repertoire MP3s, each piece is played first in a slower study tempo so that students may confirm the details of their learning, and then in a performance tempo to capture the full drama and expressive phrasing of each piece.

Ladybug Project

This project was filmed by Mary Gae’s Introduction to Music students in the spring of 2013. As she gave a Lady Bug to each student, Mary Gae invited them to make up several activities each week using the Lady Bug to develop their hands and fingers in ways that would improve their playing. You will notice that they also used a very steady pulse, musical inflection in their counting, and one young student practiced forearm rotation on her Lady Bug and composed a melody to sing while doing her Lady Bug Project. This is positive proof that students learn more by doing then by being told what to do. They also took pleasure in learning one another’s projects. Show this film to your students and invite them to develop their own projects to share with their class mates in your studio. The last slide of the film directs you to the source of the Lady Bugs.

Free Tutorial

The tutorial on the Introduction to Music, Part 1 and Part 2 demonstrates the continuous reminders throughout the book to review what has been studied to make sure it has been learned. This helps the teacher as much as the student, for we find issues we must return to in order to reinforce their clarity and use throughout music study for a lifetime.

Introducing Kevin Coan

Kevin Coan has earned wide-range respect and appreciation for his ongoing contributions to the piano teachers group at His service to our profession is invaluable, and it is with deep appreciation that we bring you his work on the Artistry Alliance site.

Multikey Magic is Kevin Coan’s contribution to piano student’s musicianship through a series of short pieces designed to develop multi-key and intervallic approaches to reading and playing musically. Students will thrive on and enjoy these materials as part of their daily practice. Watch here for future additions to this series.