Artistry at the Piano
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The Performance MP3s are especially important to students of today for they hear ever less classical music, including music for solo piano and piano four-hands. These recordings provide students with insight into the expressive capacity of the modern piano as well as a way to confirm the accuracy of their preparations of each piece. Listening to the MP3s is thus an essential part of their practice plan and a basis for Positive Pedagogy giving and preparing lessons that do not require any corrections.

Starting with the Repertoire MP3s, each piece is played first in a slower study tempo so that students may confirm the details of their learning, and then in a performance tempo to capture the full drama and expressive phrasing of each piece.

Musicianship 1 Musicianship 1 Repertoire 1 Repertoire 1 Ensemble 1 Ensemble 1
Musicianship 2 Musicianship 2 Repertoire 2 Repertoire 2 Ensemble 2 Ensemble 2
Musicianship 3 Musicianship 3 Repertoire 3 Repertoire 3 Ensemble 3 Ensemble 3
Musicianship 4 Musicianship 4 Repertoire 4 Repertoire 4 Ensemble 4 Ensemble 4