Artistry at the Piano
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Components of the Course

Artistry Alliance provides students of all ages with a comprehensive, thoroughly organized, and rewarding program of study. The seventeen books and supporting recordings of all the pieces and the pedagogy DVDs are described below in their recommended order of assignment.

Introduction To Music
The INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC prepares students for successful music study by building their vocabularies of rhythm, pitch, and technic, and by developing efficient study methods necessary for music comprehension. This work begins away from the piano at first to develop the students’ inner hearing and their confident control of these essential vocabularies and areas of skill. Upon completing the Introduction to Music, students are secure with simple and compound meters, the intervals of repeated notes through the fifth, they have the reading range of most piano music, as well as a reliable bench posture and hand position in support of kinetic and expressive response to melodic phrasing. This makes the Introduction to Music the best way to begin music study as well as an invaluable remedial resource for transfer students.
Workbook Series
Projects in analysis, transposition, keyboard skills, and memorization as well as attractive pieces, make this series useful and rewarding for students. Included are activities and information that that could not be conveniently woven into the fabric of the Musicianship series, making the workbooks the essential preliminary focus for each of the sixteen Lessons in the course.
Musicianship Series
Musicianship is the basis of musical artistry. It is the knowledge, skill, and insight that enable us to perform with confidence, precision, and clarity as well a depth of expression. Accordingly, in each Lesson the basic elements of theory coordinated with drills in rhythm, technic, ear and singing training are presented and then applied in a section of short pieces. Throughout the course, no two adjacent pieces are in the same key, meter, phrase structure, character, or historical style, giving students a wealth of musical experiences in preparation for all music, including the master composers.
Repertoire Series
These longer pieces designed for performance are based on the elements learned in the Workbook and Musicianship series. Their phrasing and dramatic elements are presented in a manner both challenging and exciting to students and teachers alike. These pieces invite and reward sincere efforts to perform with true artistry. They are not merely vehicles for pedagogical reinforcement. Each piece in this course represents a definite and satisfying step forward.
Ensemble Series
When students learn and perform both the primo and secondo parts of these delightful duets they gain not only extended reading and listening skills but also have the keen pleasure of performing with another pianist. The varied textures, sonorities, and musical adventures made possible by four hands on one keyboard ensure the Ensemble pieces will provide an exciting culmination to each Lesson’s accomplishment.
Recorded MP3 Series
For the most effective study, students need daily reinforcement both in the artistic potential of the music they are studying, but also in the expressive possibilities of the piano. These MP3 recorded performances of the Musicianship, Repertoire, and Ensemble pieces afford this reinforcement. Used responsibly they encourage students to look “beyond” music’s notation to its dramatic and expressive implications, just as an actor must learn to “breathe life” into the spoken text.
DVD Series
The growing pedagogical DVD series provides the opportunity for teachers, parents, and students to see and hear Mary Gae and her students involved in a joyful study of Artistry at the Piano. With these DVDs you are invited into her home and studio to observe what happens in many exciting lessons and classes there, becoming the proverbial “fly on the wall” many teachers have wished for!
A Pleasure to Perform
To celebrate the new website and the debut of The Artistry Tour, a new series of beautiful sheet music has been added and released with the new website. Printed on quality card stock with handsomely designed covers, this new series sets a high standard for the tradition of celebrating special pieces of music by issuing them “all dressed up” as the stars they are.