Artistry at the Piano
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  1. Description of each series in the course

    Section I gives you an overview of each series within the course. This lays the foundation for the rest of the Tour.
  2. Curriculum Videos and Sample Pages

    Section II includes Mary Gae’s five informative curriculum videos introducing each level of the course, followed by 29 sample pages spanning the entire course.
  3. Scores and Recordings

    Section III provides the scores and MP3 recordings of solos and duets from the Introduction to Music through Level 4 of the course.
  4. Students on Stage (Recital)

    Section IV is a short recital played by Mary Gae’s students. All levels of the course, plus favored supplementary music, are included.
  5. Students on Stage (Interviews)

    A few of these students were interviewed after the recital.
  6. Testimonials

    We have kept the testimonials in Section VI to a minimum!
  7. Reviews of the Course

    Artistry at the Piano was first published in 1979 and has favorably stood the tests of time for all these years. Since 2006 when Artistry Press International became the publisher, all of the course materials have been kept in steady supply. We thank all of you for your steadfast support and encouragement.
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