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You are cordially invited to explore the 17 books and supporting recordings that constitute Artistry at the Piano. This Tour is the best way to explore the course because:

  • It is open 24 hours every day,
  • Everything is in stock, and
  • Mary Gae is here to guide you throughout the tour with
    • Videos to introduce each level of the course,
    • Sample pages and music from each level, and
    • New Musicianship Charts to show at a glance what is new in each lesson.

You can enter the Tour by clicking on the Tour button at the top of each page.

As always we welcome your comments and suggestions, and most of all,
We Welcome You To

Artistry at the Piano

Advisory Board

  • Greta Hansen-Carballo
  • Kevin Coan
  • Jennifer Fellows
  • Rick Foxx
  • Louise Kienast
  • Roxane Lee
  • Suzanne Lichtenstein
  • Helen Morrison
  • Nola Shantz
  • Kenneth Welch