Introduction to music

Musicianship 1

Level: Beginner | Core Curriculum Set

Ensemble 1

Level Beginner | Core Curriculum Set
One Piano, Four Hands

Repertoire 2

Level: Early Intermediate | Core Curriculum Set

Ensemble 3

Level – Intermediate | Core Curriculum Set
One Piano, Four Hands

Musicianship 4

Level: Late Intermediate | Core Curriculum

Song Books

Patterns For Piano | Level – Early Intermediate

*Comprehensive method books
*Downloadable MP3s
*Performance repertoire
*Ensemble music
* Web videos and DVDs
*Teaching Aids

  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Imagination

Play Music, Not Notes!

Artistry at the Piano offers method books, videos, downloadable MP3s, teaching aids, and supplementary music to enhance your piano skills.

What Sets Us Apart

We don’t underestimate the ability of a beginner. Our aim is to bring out the talent that has long been kept inside of you. The complete teaching method we employ doesn’t skimp on musicianship, repertoire, ensemble, performance, and composition.

Through our various learning tools, students can acquire analytical skills, enrich their musical vocabulary, and attain coordination of the mind. They also develop the power of concentration, increase their confidence, and enhance their self-esteem. All of these produce a pianist who plays masterfully.

Unique to Artistry at the Piano is the Ensemble series. Most beginner piano duets require the teacher to musically support a simple melody that a student would play. We offer four levels of piano ensembles equally written for both the primo and secondo players. Students can learn by being paired with a teacher or with another student of the same ability.

Our Approach

  • Listen
  • Evaluate
  • Experiment

We support at least three ways to study before you play. Mastery check for review is the most important part of learning.

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