Introduction to Music, I & II




This book is the primer level of Artistry at the Piano. It gives you and your students the tools for preventative pedagogy. It avoids problems by involving students in the stirring language of music, not just note-reading. These playful activities invite them to express themselves musically, giving them something to “say” when they are ready to start playing an instrument. This time-tested book develops awareness of the sound and joy of music, and in the process rewards students with these skills:

• Hearing music by developing both their internal and external ear and listening skills
• Personal expression through music (including interpretation, improvisation, and writing music—the best ways to develop reading comprehension)
• Coordinated reading of rhythm, pitch, and technic resulting in music comprehension
• A fluid playing technic supported by a balanced, well-shaped hand position
• Pattern recognition and pattern modification
• Effective study methods
• Strong musical memory
• Ease with transposition
• Developing bi-level thinking and fluid intelligence, both of which are required for musical thought and expression.


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