Repertoire 2: Performance Pieces for the Early Intermediate Pianist


The Repertoire 2 series consist of longer pieces designed for performance.  Each piece is composed with elements, techniques, and rhythms learned in the Musicianship series.  The phrasing and dramatic elements are presented in a systematic way to produce flexibility at the keyboard.  While Repertoire 2 is designed for Early Intermediate pianists, each quality piece teaches command of hand position with contractions and extensions.

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25.  Allegro Vivace
26.  Ayre
27.  Allegro Giocoso
28.  Soliloquy
29.  Allegro Moderato
30.  Marche
31.  Andante Nobile
32.  Un Songe Charmant (A Pleasant Dream)
33.  Scherzo (A Playful Jest)
34.  Air
35.  Andante Grazioso
36.  Drohende Schattenbilder (Threatening Shadows)
37.  Little Prelude
38.  Reverie (Dreaming)
39.  Waltz
40.  Bourree (Lively dance)
41.  Album Leaf
42.  Song Without Words
43.  Escercizio
44.  Reflets Dans L’eau (Reflections in Water)


The Artistry at the Piano series is a comprehensive and thoroughly organized program.  There are four levels of learning consisting of four books in each level with downloadable mp3s of all the works.

The Repertoire book series is a part of a 4 book set, supported by Workbooks for project analysis, Musicianship books for theory with coordinated drills in rhythm and ear training, and Ensemble books for extended learning and the pleasure of playing with others.

Repertoire 2 focuses on performance of good technique and good study within the following:
-Contractions, shifts, and crossings
-Inverted triads, inversions
-Consecutive pedaling
-Crossings and extensions combined

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