Musicianship 4: Method Book for the Late Intermediate/Advanced Pianist


The Musicianship series is comprised of theory lessons coordinated with drills in rhythm, technic, and ear training, which are then applied to short pieces to ensure understanding.  Throughout the course, no two adjacent pieces are in the same key, meter, phrase structure, character, or historical style.

Musicianship 4 introduces:
-Ornaments:  Appoggiatura, turn, mordent, and trill
-Chromatic Scale
-Harmonic Analysis:  Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Contemporary
-Parallel thirds with extensions and crossings, quintuplets, two-against-three combinations
-Modulation, Bipartite, and Tripartite
-Diminished 7th Arpeggios

Click to listen/download:
66.  Scherzino
67.  Short Prelude
68.  Valse
69.  Adagio Teneramente
70.  Impromptu
71.  Andante con Moto
72.  Ode
73.  A Modern March
74.  Allegro Vivace
75.  En Bateau (In a Boat)
76.  Hero’s Song
77.  Adagio
78.  Andante
79.  A Little Jest
80.  Le Francois
81.  Nocturne  



The Artistry at the Piano series is a comprehensive and thoroughly organized piano program.  There are four levels of learning consisting of four books in each level with downloadable mp3s of all the works.

The Musicianship series, the method book, is a part of a 4 book set, supported by Workbooks for project analysis, Ensemble books for extended learning and the pleasure of playing with others, and Repertoire books for expressive performance pieces.


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