Ensemble 4: Duets for the Late Intermediate/Advanced Pianist


Ensemble 4 showcases ensembles representing the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary Eras.  Ambitious students will look forward to interpreting up to 5 voices of melodic expression with a variety of polyphonic activity.  The complexity of Ensemble 4 musicianship requires firm understanding of multiple meter for flexible rhythmic designs, as well as disciplined coordination between the primo and secondo in rhythm, dynamic, articulation, and expression.

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33.  Andante
34.  Sinfonia
35.  Rhapsody
36.  Fermat’s Lost Theorum
37.  Adagio
38.  Fantasiestuck (Fantasy Piece)
39.  Fughetta
40.  Eine Lebhafte Zeit (A Lively Era)


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The Artistry at the Piano series is a comprehensive and thoroughly organized program.  There are four levels of learning consisting of four books in each level with downloadable mp3s of all the works.

The Ensemble series is a part of a 4 book set, supported by Workbooks for project analysis, Musicianship books for theory with coordinated drills in rhythm and ear training, and Repertoire books for expressive performance pieces.


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