Repertoire 4: Performance Music for the Late Intermediate/Advanced Pianist


Repertoire 4 introduces:
-Ornaments:  Appoggiatura, turn, mordent, and trill
-Chromatic Scales
-Harmonic Analysis:  Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Contemporary
-Parallel thirds with extensions and crossings, quintuplets, two-against-three combinations
-Modulation, Bipartite, and Tripartite
-Diminished 7th Arpeggios

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61.  Aria
62.  Piece de Clavecin
63.  Waltz
64.  Andante con Moto
65.  Poem
66.  Capriccio
67.  Prelude
68.  Macedonian Mountain Dance
69.  Ballad
70.  Allegro Agitato
71.  Intermezzo
72.  Fantasia
73.  Divertimento
74.  Romanze
75.  Esercizio
76.  Novelette


The Artistry at the Piano series is a comprehensive and thoroughly organized piano program.  There are four levels of learning consisting of four books in each level with downloadable mp3s of all the works.

The Musicianship series, the method book, is a part of a 4 book set, supported by Workbooks for project analysis, Ensemble books for extended learning and the pleasure of playing with others, and Repertoire books for expressive performance pieces.

Repertoire 4 begins by introducing basic ornaments, which are later developed and combine with opportunities for the student to choose ways of rendering a particular ornament.  The students are also taught that harmony is the relationship between chords and their relationship to tonic.  Modulation is presented as the change of tonic within a piece to produce greater expression, and later, harmonic modulation is demonstrated with binary and ternary forms.  Students will also encounter new forms of syncopation, irregular rhythms, and perform in ad libitum and rubato forms.  Arpeggios are introduced using diminished 7th chords.  And finally, the fingering marked in this final book of the series will develop the student’s technic in new ways while also furthering their mastery of basic principles.

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