Workbook 1: Lessons in Theory, Reading, Memorizing, and Keyboard Systems


Workbook 1 provides lessons, writing opportunity, and theory to be taught in conjunction with Musicianship 1.

This book covers the following concepts:
-Odd and even intervals, prime through fifth.
-Note values and time signatures
-Major/minor seconds and thirds
-Major/minor pentachords
-Perfect fourth, perfect fifths, and tritones
-Duplet and triplet rhythm
-Major/minor/diminished/augmented triads
-Musical Terms



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The Artistry at the Piano series is a comprehensive and thoroughly organized program.  There are four levels of learning consisting of four books in each level with downloadable mp3s of all the works.

The Workbooks are the analysis portion of a 4 book set, which support the Musicianship books that focus on theory with coordinated drills in rhythm and ear training, Repertoire books for performance, and Ensemble books for extended learning and the pleasure of playing with others.



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